Month: March 2017

Ten Ways To Get Rid of Anxiety Naturally – updated 2017

When looking at options to treat anxiety, rather than the medical approach there are alternative methods to get rid of anxiety naturally that can be utilised.  Here we look at ten ways to get rid of anxiety naturally. Here we give you ten of the more successful and practical techniques that you can try and address your own symptoms with.   If you want to get rid of anxiety naturally then take a look through our top 10 methods that have worked for people Exercise and Anxiety Exercising is well-known to give you that ‘feel-good’ feeling, a very potent...

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Anxiety And Communication

One of the side effects of having suffered from Social Anxiety disorder for any period of time is not having had the chance to develop effective communication skills. This stings two ways. First, it can cause social stumbles when in the early days of working to cure one’s Social Anxiety disorder. Secondly, even when the social anxiety phobia is gone or near gone it can still create a kind of awkwardness that can be difficult to overcome. Making an effort to learn how to communicate more effectively right from the start of working through your social anxiety pays huge...

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Natural Remedies For Social Anxiety

Natural Remedies For Social Anxiety If you are familiar at all with the natural health movement you are probably aware that many ailments can be treated effectively without resorting to using potentially dangerous drugs and chemicals. Social Anxiety disorder is no different. Mainstream Doctors and therapists don’t often share this information with their clients, but the truth is that there are natural remedies that can help not only make social anxiety more manageable but even help cure it. These shouldn’t be considered stand-alone measures, but when combined with the other methods shared here in our Guide they can be...

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Once we have a few of the strategies for developing greater self-confidence down from our last chapter of our Guide the next big step is to start practising what many therapists refer to as “Exposure Therapy”.   This combination can be thought of as a kind of “one-two” punch to knock out Social Anxiety disorder. For the majority of people nothing works better – and on top of that having a professional to help can be of some benefit, but it’s far from a requirement. Real results up to a complete cure of Social Anxiety disorder aren’t uncommon after Exposure Therapy. Exciting isn’t it? Before we get into some of the more common ways to use Exposure Therapy let’s look at what it is exactly.   Exposure Therapy is easy to understand. It’s taking the things that cause a person social anxiety and slowly exposing them to it. This act, done in very small doses at first slowly building up exposure as the person builds up their “social tolerance”. Ideally, after some time the social anxiety will completely have disappeared. The time line can be short or long depending on the individual circumstance.   Here’s two examples…   Exposure Therapy for Overcoming Fear of Social Situations.   This broad area covers a great deal of the experiences that most people with Social Anxiety disorder experience. The beginnings of this...

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An obvious need for anyone in the fight to cure their Social Anxiety disorder is to gain more self confidence. In fact, you can think of self confidence as being the exact opposite of social anxiety – it’s the ability to summon up the power to engage socially without fear or anxiety.   Fortunately, we have many sources to draw from when we consider ways to help build confidence. It’s a subject that’s very dear to everyone from those seeking more business success, to those aspiring to excel more at athletics to dating coaches hoping to help their clients...

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